Welcome to the Art of Douglas Bringle

Clay is an amazing material.  It gives form and substance to the ethereal.  Working in clay is a magical process of transmutation, directing a spark  from the imagination to the hand to the ware board.  The hands and mind are engaged in a unique way that produces something more than what  is imagined at the outset.  There is a contribution from the clay itself that guides the creation.  And then there is the firing…giving up the pieces to a furnace of flames.

For me the best part of ceramics is handling the wet clay and shaping it.  That process takes me out of time and into myself.  It’s not something to rush into, nor out of.  I like the pieces I make the best when they are drying and are still unfired.  They seem more honest then, standing softly and gently in the light, not reflecting light, absorbing it.  They are not yet hard, nor permanent…closer to a mirage, vulnerable and very breakable.  And then, after their trips through the kilns, they become something else altogether–rock-like,  handmade fossils.

One of the best things about finished pieces is that they have lives of their own.  They embark on journeys beyond my control and sending my work off on those voyages is very fulfilling for me as an artist.

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